Last week I was talking to one of my very best friends about what is going on with our lives and our families and life in general. The past two weeks had kind of sucked for me and both of our families. No major tragedies; just a couple stabs. As each of us made a complaint, the other one would say “at least you had/could/are/etc.” reminding each other that it could be much worse. In reality, it’s been a really good year for me (and her too, I think) and I have a lot that I am thankful for – some good and some making the bad good. Here’s what I am thankful for so far this year in no particular order:

  1. My job: I am so thankful for my job for many reasons. First, because I have one when so many people do not. It’s tough out there and I managed to find a new job in a bad economy with tons of other people competing for the spot. I’m crazy luck just for that. Second, because it allowed me to leave a job that made me beyond miserable and to join a team of genuinely nice, friendly and non-dramatic people. Third, because it pays me a significant amount more than my last job. Not to say that money is everything or that I’m rolling in dough now (because I’m definitely not) but, for other reasons that I’ll get to next. And finally because it’s providing me with a great opportunity to learn and grow as I work.
  2. I can donate to charities: Okay, I understand that this one may sound ridiculous but, hear me out. Remember what I said about my new job paying me more. This is one of the biggest benefits of that salary (beyond being able to live with a little bit of comfort). When people ask you to donate to their walk fund for whatever charity or when everyone puts in money to sponsor a family around the holidays, they always say that even $1 helps. That’s very true but, it’s nice to be able to give more. Since I started my new job I’ve been able to donate to my mom’s walk fund for the Alzheimer’s Association of Northeastern New York and to my friend’s walk fund for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I was able to buy a little extra for the two families the hotel sponsored for Thanksgiving. And I’ll be able to make some contributions to my favorite charities this holiday season and buy some extra toys for Toys for Tots. I am thankful that I can help make a little more of a difference this year.
  3. My parents: I am always thankful for my parents. They’re amazing people who made my life pretty damn easy and put up with my shit when I was making their life pretty damn hard. That’s a whole ‘nother type of thankful right there (Thanks for letting me live, Mom & Dad. I can think of more than one time I would have killed me.) But, the reason that I’m especially thankful for them this year is because of who they are. 2012 has not been their year at all. And this is after the past couple years haven’t been so great either. I won’t go into their personal details but, I am thankful for the strength that they have shown and continue to show through it all. I’m hoping 2013 is the year that they get to finally see the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.
  4. My fianceYeah…I have one of those and in April, I’ll have a husband. And, I’m ridiculously thankful for him. Not only can he put up with me and my crazies and love me in spite of them but, he’s also helped me become a better person.
  5. My dog: Emma has been my companion for almost seven years. She is a crazy bundle of joy. No matter what has happened in my life or where I’ve gone, she’s been there. She may not be the brightest bulb but, she is the most loving.
  6. My family, My friends and Everyone who doesn’t like me so much: Because they are the people that help shape your personality and your life. Without all of them, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today.

And, while that’s the end of my list, there is so much more to be thankful for every day.


And I Think To Myself

…what a wonderful world.  I’ve had that song stuck in my head all morning.  It’s an awesome song but I know about 3 lines of it which keep playing over and over again.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Some tornado we had here in Albany, right?  (Or not…)  Even with the funky weather, I had a great weekend.

We went indoor mini golfing while it rained on Sunday.  It takes some time for your eyes to adjust to all the black-lights but it was a lot of fun.  At points it’s hard to tell where the hole is and how you’re supposed to get the ball there.  On one of the holes there’s a big triceratops that you’re supposed to hit the ball under to get to the hole.  Well…I hit the ball a little too hard and it hit the side of the box the triceratops is standing on and my golf ball ricocheted off it and just missed an 80-year-old man’s head.  No joke.  Then, I totally failed at the last hole.  You know…the one that’s supposed to be fool-proof?  You hit it, it goes in a huge hole and you never see your ball again?  That one.  I had to hit my ball in there 4 times.  Just to be clear, though, I still won.

My grandma decided to go through some old pictures this weekend. While she was going through them she pulled out ones that she thought I would like to have.  This is one of my favorites.  It’s my sister Melissa (6) and me (1 month).  I sent her the picture and her response was “My face looks so weird. And you’re a nugget.”  I have no idea how her face looks “weird” since her face is the only thing in that picture that still looks like her but, whatever…that’s her.

And while I was busy doing things this weekend, Emma slept.  She’s a pro at sleeping.  In fact, she can and will sleep just about anywhere as this picture is evidence of.  There’s a couch about 4 feet away, her bed is about 10 feet away and there are several chairs and various comfortable sleeping surfaces within walking distance yet she plops herself down in the middle of the hardwood floor.  Oh Emma…

What did you do this weekend?