{Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox} Day 3 Recap


I wish

The people that say they slept so much better and felt so much more awake while doing the detox are full of shit. I got approximately 3 hours of non-cumulative sleep last night for no discernible reason. I do have nights when I’m restless and have trouble sleeping but, if you believe some people who have done the detox, they felt like they slept better during it.

The only reason I can come up with as to why I couldn’t sleep is because I don’t feel great. I may be coming down with a cold or my sinuses might be on the attack. Either way, I’m feeling a little under the weather this morning. I remembered to pack my shakes and supplements but, forgot my tea and lemon. Thankfully we have some tea at work although it’s not the greatest, it fills the spot in a pinch. As of 11am, that’s all I have consumed today besides some water and my supplements. I’m blaming this on both not feeling great and the fact that, even though I like the breakfast shake, I’m already sick of it.

Finally around 1pm, I kind of feel hungry but, I still feel kind of icky and I’d rather eat a mint that drink my smoothie. I decided to muster through and drink my breakfast smoothie. Even though it’s lunch time, that lunch smoothie was not happening. It wasn’t bad. Pretty much the same as yesterday. Halfway through I started to have stomach cramps though and I’m not sure if that was a result of the smoothie or if it’s my possible cold/illness. Either way, I decided to shelve the drink until I felt a littler better.

By the end of the day I still didn’t feel great and I ended up only having some tea and that one smoothie. I know that sounds super healthy. I have a lot of thoughts after doing this Dr. Oz detox and it’s kind of made me rethink my original plan. I’ll have more details on my thoughts and my new plan in a separate post. For the record, I finally ate a butterscotch bar on Saturday.

This is part one in a series of posts about my experience with the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.


{Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox} Day 2 Recap

“I’m on this new diet. Well, I don’t eat anything and when I feel like I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” – Emily, The Devil Wears Prada

Emily’s diet sounds better than this detox right now. Although, I’m like 18 stomach flus away from my goal weight. Oh right…this is not about weight. It’s about my overall health. {Rinse and Repeat}

Wednesday night I was discouraged. Between the lunch drink making gag and the dinner drink setting my mouth aflame I was worried about the next two days and actually looking forward to just drinking water. I pressed on though and prepped my lunch shake for the next day. Since I had made two breakfast shakes thinking I would drink one for my snack, I already had that ready.

I took a different approach to the lunch drink – adding in the celery first and chopping alone. That would have worked except once chopped, my Ninja’s blades couldn’t reach the bits so I added in some of the almond milk. That seemed to work ok. Then I added the kale and the seeded and chopped cucumber. It didn’t seem terribly thick so, I added in the rest of the ingredients (except coconut oil because I dropped the glass jar on the kitchen floor) and blended for three minutes. I also added an extra 1/2 cup of almond milk because I needed it to not be so thick. Pouring into the container, I was still skeptical. It still looked pulpy but, maybe not as bad. I skipped making a second shake for a snack because I doubted that would happen.

Fast forward to Thursday morning. I woke up feeling fine…not hungry and possible a little more awake and alert than normal. Although it was really cold outside, I didn’t find myself struggling to get out from under the blankets. I’m still skeptical as to if this is an effect of the juice or a new, healthier mental state. I contemplated making my “Morning Detox Tea” at home but, decided against it. I enjoy having a cup of tea at my desk first thing in the morning while reading and responding to emails. So, I got ready and packed up my stuff and head out to work.

I made my tea with the added probiotic and lemon only as soon as I got to work and savored every sip thinking this might be the only good thing I have all day. I finished the tea around 9:15 and went right to my breakfast drink. I new that wouldn’t be too bad and I was right. It had a little extra zing from the lemon than yesterdays which I attributed to having made it 36 hours ago. It’s still a lot of juice though and it takes a good bit of time to drink. Next it was time to psych myself up for this blasted fabulous lunch drink.

That's me...kind of

That’s me…kind of

A late morning meeting finished a little early so, I decided to take that extra time to stare down start my lunch drink. But,  in two minutes work got crazy and I didn’t end up getting my drink from the fridge until 12:30pm. {Raises Won Ton Soup Container} Here’s to another long afternoon! {Sighs}

On first sip it wasn’t nearly as thick as day 1 and the flavor was a little better. There’s still a bit of pulp and it’s still a lot of juice, though. Ten minutes into my lunch I was interrupted for a meeting. No biggie…I wasn’t dying to finish it anyway. An hour later, I made it back to my desk and, to my surprise, the smoothie was still not terrible. For the most part I was able to drink it normally but, towards the end it got a little sketchy. Lots of pulp had settled and despite my attempts to shake it up, it wasn’t going away. I tried adding water and that didn’t help. In a fit of determination, I decided to alternate sips of smoothie with sips of water. In the end, I finished all but, a couple sips. You may think “why wouldn’t you just finish it?” and the answer is, “because I didn’t want to throw up.” By the time I was done, it was 2:30. That’s about how long it took me to not finish yesterday’s smoothie but, this time I had an interruption so, I’m counting this as a win.

Around 4pm I’m still not hungry but, I’d like to chew something. It’s not that I’m craving anything in particular or that I’m hungry. I think my body just feels like my teeth are being underused. Or something like that. Then, when I had a rumbly in my tumbly, I realized that the desire to chew was connected to my impending hunger. Although I hadn’t made or brought a snack with me, I was heading home. That meant I was only 30 minutes from my dinner shake.

I made my shake and left out the cayenne. I’ve read about the detox properties of the cayenne but, it just wasn’t worth it to me to ruin an otherwise good shake for that small amount of spice. In the end, it tasted much better than day 1 and I was able to finish the drink. I still really wanted to chew something, though. I missed the crunch.

Later at night, I prepped my two shakes for work tomorrow – breakfast and lunch and I caved. Well, I kind of caved but, not really. While I was slicing up the green apple for my lunch shake, I popped a piece of it in my mouth and chewed. It was almost an involuntary reaction although the chewing was not. I really don’t think it matters though since it’s part of the detox and I didn’t have a snack shake today. So there’s my snack shake but, not really.

This semi-accident has me wondering about the necessity of making it all into a smoothie. If you liked the individual ingredients, what would be the harm in eating/drinking them. I would never do this since I despise celery and I wouldn’t really eat raw kale or a whole cucumber without dressing. Wait…I think I just answered my own question.

At the end of day 2, I feel fine…not great, not bad, just fine. I’m looking forward to this ending tomorrow and, based on my experience, I’ve decided to modify my original plan. This post is long enough though, so if you’re interested, look for that in day 3’s post. I’m off to stare longingly at my butterscotch bars.

This is part one in a series of posts about my experience with the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox. You can find part 1 here and part 3 here.

{Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox} Day 1 Recap

Tuesday night I was pumped to start this detox. I had a great two days of delicious meals but, I was ready to hit that refresh button. I felt a renewed sense of energy and hope. I had gathered all my ingredients the day before so I was ready.

Knowing that I like to take my time in the morning and I don’t have access to a blender at work, I made the logical decision to make my day smoothies for Wednesday on Tuesday night. I gathered my ingredients and started blending in my brand new Ninja blender. I made two of the breakfast drinks (one for breakfast and one for snack) and my lunch drink. The breakfast drink looked great the lunch drink looked a little strange and it made a lot but, on a quick taste it seemed fine. (Tip; The quart containers that you get Chinese food in are perfect for storing the smoothies.)

Fast forward to Wednesday morning at 7am. I pack up all my stuff including my vitamins, supplements and my packet of green tea and head off to work. As soon as I arrive, I made my green tea. I used Tazo green tea because it’s my favorite and mixed in my probiotic (I’m using the Centrum ProNutrients Probiotic which is a powder). I had packed to think lemon slices to add to my tea as directed but, I do not like sweetener in my tea so I skipped the Stevia. I love starting my day with tea so I was totally on board. This is just like my normal day, I thought. I was pumped. I even told my co-worker how excited I was about it.

After my tea, I started on my breakfast drink. It tasted great! The raspberries really blended with the almond butter and you couldn’t taste the spinach at all. This was similar to my experience with green smoothies before. I finished the smoothie in no time. It’s pretty dense so I felt full and was satisfied. I always drink a lot of water (about 1.5L per day) and I found myself drinking it faster than normal. I contribute that to a mental thing…knowing that I’m being healthier so, I’m drinking more.

3 Day Detox Lunch Smoothie

I usually don’t eat my lunch until 1pm because I’m busy and I don’t really get hungry until that time. Today was no different. So, at 1pm I went and extracted my lunch smoothie from the fridge. It still looked a little weird to me and being that I despise celery, I was skeptical but, hopeful. The taste wasn’t bad at all. I could really taste the coconut and lime and a hint of the pineapple. I really couldn’t taste the celery but, the cucumber was very pronounced. I’ve always considered cucumber a neutral flavor but, not in this smoothie. The texture is what really threw me off and made it unpleasant. It’s hard to explain but, it was think and kind of like drinking the pulp of orange juice. I tried drinking some really fast…bad idea. Then I tried thinning it out with water….better idea but, still not totally effective. Two hours later, I was 2/3 of the way through of almost a quart of juice and struggling. The texture was making me gag a little and the taste wasn’t getting any better. Around 3:30 I took a sip and almost immediately threw up. That was enough. I put the lid on the smoothie and stuck it back in the fridge. I figured there’s no need to drink more thank I can handle anyway.

By the time I was “done” with lunch drink it was almost 4pm which left no time for my snack smoothie. After talking to my mom, who is also doing the detox, I decided I would save it for after dinner. Since it’s not a specific smoothie, I don’t think it matters where it lands in the sequence.

3 Day Detox Dinner Smoothie

I got home around 6:30 and made my dinner drink. I was excited about this one. I love blueberries and it didn’t have a lot of strong, overpowering flavors. I thought “This one should be great.” Hell if I was wrong. Everything seems so right with this smoothie and then there’s the cayenne. What. The. Hell. Admittedly I don’t like spicy things but, all I can taste is cayenne. You think you get a good sip and then *BAM* after taste of cayenne. Bloody hell. I drank about a quarter of the dinner smoothie and said to hell with it. I’m f-ing done with smoothies for the night.

I’m going to make a couple adjustments for tomorrow that will hopefully improve my experience. I already have the breakfast smoothie ready since that was supposed to be my snack but, that’s not happening. I’m going to do a few things for the lunch smoothie. First, I’m going to blend the celery as much as possible first, then add in the cucumber then the kale, then other ingredients. I’d rather get a chunk of apple then a chunk of anything else. Also, on the recommendation of my mom, I’m going to take the seeds and “mushy parts” out of the cucumber before blending. I really think this smoothie would be better done with the heftier items run through a juicer even though you would lose some of the fiber. Unfortunately, I won’t have a juicer until sometime tomorrow if UPS delivers it. Maybe I’ll get to try that for day three.

Since I’m over the smoothies for today I’m just going to drink my water and maybe a cup of detox tea (I’m skipping the detox bath for the 3 days) while trying to avoid theses lovelies which are still in my house from yesterdays dessert…

Butterscotch Bars with Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream

Let’s hope I make it…

This is part one in a series of posts about my experience with the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox. You can find part 2 here and part 3 here.

A Smooth(ie) Transition to 2013

It seems like the new thing is to not make resolutions for the new year. I’m all for that but, I do consider the new year to be a new beginning; an opportunity to hit the refresh button and make a few changes. Of course, this could be done any day of the year I suppose but, there’s something about the new year that makes me think “Okay. Time to start fresh.”

This year I’ve decided to make my overall health a major priority in my life unlike other years where I’ve focused only on my weight and desire to lose some of it. I’m not totally unhealthy but, I can certainly do much better. Focusing on my overall health means getting a physical and blood test for the first time in um….7 years? Maybe? Maybe longer. It means paying more attention to what and how much I’m eating. It means going out of my way to be more active – walking the floors of the hotel, taking Em for longer walks, scheduling time for exercise, etc. I also want to push myself to try things I have not before.

With my overall health and a fresh start in mind, I did some research and decided I wanted to do a detox/cleanse. I know a lot of people consider this to be drastic and also a lost cause because you’re liable to drop weight that you will gain back in an instant. However, my ultimate goal with the cleanse is not to lose weight from it but, to reset my body. Yes, of course the weight loss will be a welcome benefit. In the end, my hope is that doing a cleanse and resetting my body will help diminish cravings and improve my overall attitude on healthy eating. Call me crazy but, I feel like it’s worth a try.

Hippo to Unicorn

I took out a calendar and made a plan to start on January 2. The first step in my detox is Dr. Oz’s 3 day Detox Cleanse. It’s a fairly detailed plan that involves drinking four smoothies (or juices) each day – breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and taking regular vitamins. It also comes with a shopping list to help you find the right ingredients and amounts for the three days. The catch is, that it doesn’t include the items for your snack which is your favorite smoothie. Based on the ingredients, I pretty much knew my favorite would be the breakfast drink so, I just bought double what I needed for the week.

The next step is the Master Cleanse. Many people have heard of the “diet” where you just drink water with lemon, cayenne and maple syrup but, don’t know that it is actually the Master Cleanse. It’s a little more detailed once you do your research but, that’s the gist of it…just purified water. The Master Cleanse is supposed to have a three day ease in, ten day cleanse and three day ease out. I’m using the Dr. Oz detox as my three day ease in since it’s almost the same concept. I’m also only doing the Master Cleanse for seven days and then the same juice detox for the three day ease out. During the Master Cleanse, I’m going to be carrying around an emergency apple and/or banana and allow myself a cup of tea every so often if needed. I have no desire to starve or pass out.

I will also be heading back to the gym next week to resume my regular workouts with Mom. No, we’re not resolution-ers, haters. We’ve been going to the gym about 3 times  a week since September but, took a couple weeks off to enjoy the holidays. It will be interesting to see how I feel on the cleanse and going to the gym. I’m really hoping that I don’t need that emergency banana as I’ve heard very positive things about working out during the cleanse but, it will be there just in case.

The final day of my ease out period, January 13, marks the beginning of a busy week for me. That’s pretty much why I decided to forgo the ten days for a time period that fit with my schedule. On the 15th, I (hopefully…registration is the 7th) start a three day a week, one hour long boot camp class with my best friend/maid of honor. We’re super serious about this class and have committed to pushing each other to basically live our lives around being at this class on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It’s also the week of Wine & Dine for the Arts  for which Jerry and I have tickets and the weekend before my friend’s wedding in which I am a bridesmaid. So, the week following this little adventure will be a true test of how well I can maintain a healthy, craving-less lifestyle.

Now I’m off to choke down enjoy a smoothie.

You Look Like You’ve Lost Weight

I’ve been working out and eating healthier for a couple months now but, I”ve really hunkered down in the past couple weeks.  The other day a coworker told me I look like I’ve lost weight.  This was followed with a discussion of how it can be weird to compliment someone on weight loss because it’s very easy to offend some people.

While I appreciate the compliment (and I told her so), it made me wonder a bit if I really did look like I lost weight (I have but, don’t think it shows) or if the compliment stemmed from the knowledge of my new routine.  I think people instinctively compliment someone when they know they are working out and eating healthier.

So here’s the question – does anyone feel this way when their complimented? Or am I just reading too much into it?  Also, do you compliment friends and acquaintances on weight loss or do you steer clear of that topic?

The First Appointment May Be Never

It turns out my first appointment with the nutritionist may be never.  I received a call from the receptionist yesterday; she had called my insurance company to verify coverage.  Apparently, my insurance company told her that they only cover the visit if I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.  That’s not quite what I was told when I called so, I had to cancel my appointment until I figure this out.

I think it’s silly that I have to be diagnosed with diabetes in order to have a nutrition appointment covered.  Isn’t it bad enough that my genetic makeup is working against my health?  Apparently not.

For now, the plan is to eat healthy, continue working out and to kick it into high gear after the holidays.  As of today there are 67 days until derryX and I leave for Puerto Rico.  Oh, you didn’t hear about that?  Well, we’ll be spending a week in San Juan at a gorgeous resort in an ocean view room.  One day will be solely dedicated to laying on the beach and having someone bring us drinks.  No joke.  That’s happening.  I could not be more excited but, I seriously need to kick the work out up a few notches after the holiday in preparation.  So, here goes nothing with that.

The First Available Appointment is When?

So, I found a new gym and was ready for step two.  I decided I wanted to start seeing a nutritionist for some guidance.

Years ago I saw a nutritionist with my family.  I was fairly young and I think it lasted for a year.  I don’t remember much about it other than who she was, where her office was and what it looked like.  I also knew that I didn’t want to go back to her.  I needed a fresh start; not someone who already had a file on me from when I was a pre-teen.

My first step was finding a list of nutritionists that accepted my insurance.  Thankfully, my insurance company has a handy website where I can search for a specific type of doctor in an area.  I found one that was right around the corner from work.  Awesome!

Next, I called my insurance company to verify that she was a participating doctor and that I didn’t need a referral from my doctor.  Another success.

I was feeling great about this and then I called the nutritionist’s office.  Her first available appointment was three weeks away.  What?  Ugh.  I made the appointment because I will go through with this damnit.  They sent me the pre-appointment paperwork which I diligently filled out.  It also asked for a three day food record.

Fast forward three weeks and I have to cancel the appointment because an important work meeting gets moved to right when I was supposed to be meeting with the nutritionist.  Wonderful.

When I called to reschedule the appointment (a mere day later) the first available appointment was six weeks away.  Seriously?  I thought that was a little ridiculous but, I took the appointment and asked to be put on a cancellation list.  The receptionist kindly obliged.  Plus one for kindness I suppose.

Thankfully, I hadn’t filled out the three day food journal yet.  I’ve been sporadically keeping my own food journal and had planned to just transfer three days from there to the paper.  I guess now I will wait to do that until it’s closer to my appointment.

Some may say that I should just find another nutritionist but, I’m stuck now.  I want to give this one a chance because the convenience of her office will help me and, part of me thinks that if it’s so hard to get an appointment with her, people must like her.  The popularity game at it’s best.

That was all a few weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything about a cancellation yet so, I’m still waiting on this part.