A Smooth(ie) Transition to 2013

It seems like the new thing is to not make resolutions for the new year. I’m all for that but, I do consider the new year to be a new beginning; an opportunity to hit the refresh button and make a few changes. Of course, this could be done any day of the year I suppose but, there’s something about the new year that makes me think “Okay. Time to start fresh.”

This year I’ve decided to make my overall health a major priority in my life unlike other years where I’ve focused only on my weight and desire to lose some of it. I’m not totally unhealthy but, I can certainly do much better. Focusing on my overall health means getting a physical and blood test for the first time in um….7 years? Maybe? Maybe longer. It means paying more attention to what and how much I’m eating. It means going out of my way to be more active – walking the floors of the hotel, taking Em for longer walks, scheduling time for exercise, etc. I also want to push myself to try things I have not before.

With my overall health and a fresh start in mind, I did some research and decided I wanted to do a detox/cleanse. I know a lot of people consider this to be drastic and also a lost cause because you’re liable to drop weight that you will gain back in an instant. However, my ultimate goal with the cleanse is not to lose weight from it but, to reset my body. Yes, of course the weight loss will be a welcome benefit. In the end, my hope is that doing a cleanse and resetting my body will help diminish cravings and improve my overall attitude on healthy eating. Call me crazy but, I feel like it’s worth a try.

Hippo to Unicorn

I took out a calendar and made a plan to start on January 2. The first step in my detox is Dr. Oz’s 3 day Detox Cleanse. It’s a fairly detailed plan that involves drinking four smoothies (or juices) each day – breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and taking regular vitamins. It also comes with a shopping list to help you find the right ingredients and amounts for the three days. The catch is, that it doesn’t include the items for your snack which is your favorite smoothie. Based on the ingredients, I pretty much knew my favorite would be the breakfast drink so, I just bought double what I needed for the week.

The next step is the Master Cleanse. Many people have heard of the “diet” where you just drink water with lemon, cayenne and maple syrup but, don’t know that it is actually the Master Cleanse. It’s a little more detailed once you do your research but, that’s the gist of it…just purified water. The Master Cleanse is supposed to have a three day ease in, ten day cleanse and three day ease out. I’m using the Dr. Oz detox as my three day ease in since it’s almost the same concept. I’m also only doing the Master Cleanse for seven days and then the same juice detox for the three day ease out. During the Master Cleanse, I’m going to be carrying around an emergency apple and/or banana and allow myself a cup of tea every so often if needed. I have no desire to starve or pass out.

I will also be heading back to the gym next week to resume my regular workouts with Mom. No, we’re not resolution-ers, haters. We’ve been going to the gym about 3 times  a week since September but, took a couple weeks off to enjoy the holidays. It will be interesting to see how I feel on the cleanse and going to the gym. I’m really hoping that I don’t need that emergency banana as I’ve heard very positive things about working out during the cleanse but, it will be there just in case.

The final day of my ease out period, January 13, marks the beginning of a busy week for me. That’s pretty much why I decided to forgo the ten days for a time period that fit with my schedule. On the 15th, I (hopefully…registration is the 7th) start a three day a week, one hour long boot camp class with my best friend/maid of honor. We’re super serious about this class and have committed to pushing each other to basically live our lives around being at this class on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It’s also the week of Wine & Dine for the Arts  for which Jerry and I have tickets and the weekend before my friend’s wedding in which I am a bridesmaid. So, the week following this little adventure will be a true test of how well I can maintain a healthy, craving-less lifestyle.

Now I’m off to choke down enjoy a smoothie.